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The first authentic distilled gin created with real herbs and spices from the Czech Republic.

16 herbs and spices, including juniper, coriander, cubeb, grains of paradise, angelica, almond, lavender, fresh orange peel and flowers from the Czech national tree – the small-leaved linden, are macerated for 36 hours in the very highest quality neutral alcohol.

After distillation only water is added to adjust the final strength. The result takes its place among the royal family of gins, an example of London Dry Gin.

In contrast to the marketing hype of many gins, OMG doesn’t boast any secret ingredient discovered growing in some secluded mountain recess which can only be collected once a year during the light of a full moon. There isn’t any great-great-forefather who obtained the recipe from a monk out of gratitude for refuge from the Inquisition and passed down from generation to generation until today. Our gin isn’t the product of dozens of test batches. The final result differs from the initial recipe only in respect of refining the amount of melissa used.

OMG is the brainchild of Martin Žufánek of the Žufánek family distillery. The first test batch of the gin was distilled in 2013 and became an immediate success, winning over fans and settling firmly into the company’s product range. Today it is our most successful export product.

Martin ventured into the production of gin after many years experience distilling absinthe, where he honed his deft handling of herbs.Within the family distillery he is the only one who attends to the distillation of gin. Care at the distillery does not change as employees rotate through their shifts; there are no employees. One man oversees the production of a recipe that was created by and for his personal taste. His pleasure is only multiplied that others enjoy it too. Each batch is produced in a quantity of 1200 liters.

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OMFG is a strictly limited collectors’ edition of the first hand-distilled Czech gin OMG. Each year only about 600 liters are produced – that means just 1200 bottles.

The basis is the same recipe as in the classic OMG, but with an additional something extra. Every year that additional something special will be something new, never to be repeated again. Every edition will be unique and stand as a special thank you to our loyal customers and fans.

The first edition of OMFG in 2014 contained Mexican damiana, a traditional herbal aphrodisiac. It sold out in 24 hours. The 2015 edition contained the distinctive Hougari Royal Oman frankincense. It came on the market in May 2015.

The current edition contains Bourbon pepper from Madagascar, a spice known as Voatsiperifery!

Bourbon pepper, Piper borbonense, is an incredibly rare wild pepper that grows solely in the warm and humid rain forests of Southwestern Madagascar. The fruits, voatsiperifery peppercorns, grow on vines climbing on 20-metre high trees and they are extremely difficult to gather. That’s why the annual yield is a mere 1500 kilograms.

The remaining herbs and their quantities are identical with OMG.



Eye for Spirits 10

Der OMG Gin ist ein Insider-Tipp. Nicht nur ist sein tschechischer Ursprung für Gin eher ungewöhnlich, auch wird er in Deutschland bis dato nicht groß vermarktet. Schade eigentlich, denn so bleibt vielen Gin-Fans und Genussmenschen diese Wacholderperle verwehrt. Der Name OMG bzw. Oh My Gin ist Programm, denn kurzum: Dieser Gin ist perfekt.

Destille Berlin

Craft Spirits

Die Fachjury der DESTILLE BERLIN testet und bewertet alle eingereichten Spirituosen in einer Blindverkostung. Der Fachjury gehören an:


Mit dem Oh My Gin aus dem Hause Zufanek wird die World Gin Map um ein Land reicher: Tschechien. Der Familienbetrieb in zweiter Generation ist eher durch seinen klassischen...


In der Degustation strömen fantastisch herbe Wacholdernoten in die Nase. Im Hintergrund halten sich leichte Zitrusnuancen und kräftige Wurzelaromen untermalen den handfesten Geruchseindruck. Jegliche Alkoholische Schärfe vermissen wir komplett.


About Us

Our family fruit distillery was established in September 2000 by Marcela and Josef Žufánek and their sons Martin, Josef and Jan. The company is headquartered in the small village of of Boršice u Blatnice near the border with Slovakia and Austria.

We own orchards directly surrounding our distillery facilities, located in the best area for growing fruit in Moravia – a protected landscape zone of the White Carpathian Mountains. The orchards cover 15 hectares and herbs have been started on 14 hectares.

All our products are made from local ingredients according to our original, proven recipes, without addition of artificial colors, flavors or aromas.

Two 300 liter copper stills lie at the heart of our distillery, and thanks to growing interest our distillery is expanding in 2015 with two new stills made by the legendary Arnold Holstein company. Beginning in September 2015, 15 years after our founding, production capacity will double while still remaining under the control of one extended family of 8 Žufáneks.



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